See what the newscast on a live tv did when they noticed this cute kitten, you won’t believe it! Wow!


What’s the best way to be rescued? Why meow out for help of course!

Well, at least for this smart kitty cat, it worked for sure. TV reporter Nima Shaffe was in a middle of a live reporting when out of nowhere, the tiniest of meows was heard. The cry of the little cat, although dainty, was clearly audible enough to be picked up on the mic. This caused Nima and his crew to look for the source after shooting the live report.

Alas, they found a small kitty cat under their mobile. Barging in with a breaking news of her own, the stranded cat seems to be very lonely. The staff could not leave the kitty behind the cold parking lot, so they sought help.

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They even gave the little cat a moment of fame and it became an instant star. After some time, WXYZ Action News came back to give the kitten, whom they named WXYZ a spotlight and to try and help her find a forever home.

This is where they found the little stray cat who’s been loitering in the parking lot.

Image Source: Nima Shaffe

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