When Cheetah Cub Needed A Company Labrador Puppy Was Brought Over Their Interaction Is Just Plain Adorable

Kumbali and Kago Cheetah Cub and Labrador Puppy is a very unique friendship.

When cheetah cub Kumbali was born, zoo keepers separated him from his mother, because he was loosing weight and it was determined that his mother didn’t produce enough milk for all 3 cubs. He was placed on a separated diet and was hand fed. When he got big enough and needed somebody to learn from and socialize with, this awesome labrador mix puppy was rescued and introduced into the life of Kumbali. They became friends almost right away playing and chasing each other.

Chasing each other…good exercise! 🙂
Resting after chasing each other…
These two curious cuties are following their zookeeper around…

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