This Man Ran Half Naked After Mountain Lion To Save His Poor Dog

Man Saves Elderly Dog

I simply cannot believe this story I came across. In Placerville, California, a man was woken from a deep sleep to discover something horrifying. He found a mountain lion attacking his eight-year-old dog Tiki! I can’t even begin to imagine what I would do in such a situation. Can you?

This man knew exactly what to do. Although this man, who goes by the name of Kirk, was clad only in his underwear, he wasn’t about to let this stop him from doing the right thing. He leaped into action and did everything he possibly could to save his dog. In the end, using cunning and courage, he was able to protect his canine friend from danger.

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What I love about this story is that it reminds me of the extraordinary relationship that we share with our dogs. There are going to be times in which they come to our rescue. You can find examples of these stories all over the place. You can also find heartwarming stories of people reacting with courage and conviction to save a dog who is in distress. This story belongs firmly in the second camp. When you watch the video for yourself, you’ll understand!
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