What This Poor German Shepherd Mother Dog Does To Deliver And Protect Her Puppies Is Unbelievable

What mother wouldn’t do this for her babies?

Mother’s love, care, and attention are not confined to the species of Homo sapiens. It applies to most animals in the world. Very rarely would you come across a species of animal, certainly not among mammals, that wouldn’t take care of their newborns. Recently, a story came to the fore when a fragile, helpless and ailing German shepherd, called Stormy, gave birth to her puppies and dug a hole to protect them.

Stormy was found at a construction site in Arizona with her puppies. Stormy was emaciated, matted and she had wire and debris embedded in her fur. She had found refuge under a construction pallet at the construction site and chose to stay there to keep her puppies safe. It is not clear if she had given birth in the hole she had dug or if she had given birth somewhere on the site and then carried the puppies to the hole to keep them safe, away from the scorching sun. The day before she was found had torrential rain and there was freestanding water at the site, the ground was mudded and the not so ordinary weather must have had a bearing on the dog.

The young German shepherd Stormy was barely a year old and weighed around fifty pounds when found. She was spotted by two construction workers who called in the local animal rescue.

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