Why Do Dogs Lick? All Your Questions Answered Here!

Because dogs know licking will result in rewards of affection, they’ll keep coming back for more. Also, when dogs lick, the feel-good hormones known as Endorphins are released, giving them a rewarding feeling.

Another reason why dogs love to lick is that this is how they groom. Humans are not the only one concerned with hygiene. Much like cats, dogs would lick themselves and their pups to groom them.

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Did you know that dogs also use licking as a way to heal themselves? If you see an injured dog licking its wounds, they are trying to heal themselves by killing of the bacteria with the enzymes found on their saliva.

Lastly, dogs use licking as a way to communicate. Dogs maybe are trying to befriend you by licking on your hands and feet, or maybe they are trying to tell you they need something or they are submitting to you.

While licking is normal among dogs, it is important to note that excessive licking may mean your dog is experiencing something. Your dog may be anxious, bored or in pain. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog, and if in doubt, there’s no harm in taking them to the vet to make sure everything is okay.

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