This Dog Is Patiently Waiting For The School Bus… Now Watch What He Does When It Arrives!

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A Puppy and His Master…The bond between children and their dogs is truly one that can never be fully explained.

It is deep and it is true, through thick and thin, no matter what. In fact, this unique and deep bond is often taken for granted and if you do not have a puppy best friend of your own, it may even be a little difficult to understand.

In a video on YouTube called “Patient Puppy Waits For The School Bus” you can truly see this incredible bond in action. For one puppy, the hours his best friend is at school are hard for him to bear and he gets so excited for his Master to come home that he waits for his school bus to arrive every single day so he can greet his best friend as he gets off the bus from school.

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The video starts by showing a very large black puppy sitting patiently on his front yard- you aren’t sure what he is looking for, but you know he is definitely waiting for something. Then, you see it- a big yellow school bus pulls around the corner. The well-trained dog still does not move, but he instead he sits there as still as he possibly can. Suddenly, a soft woman’s voice says only one word: “okay”.


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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.