Awesome Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs are better than cats because they will lick to health, vitality, and happiness. Dog owners get to enjoy many benefits in having a dog companion which includes dogs being stress relievers, mood alleviators as well as depression lifters.

Dogs are better than cats because dogs will protect you, even the tiniest ones.Dogs are known to be protective of their owners, and even having even the smallest dog will give you the advantage of getting a tiny dog to try and protect you the best way they can.

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Dogs are better than cats because you’ll get no hairballs from dogs. Cats have the tendency of collecting cat hair and turn them into hairballs and leave them just about anywhere. As for dogs, they don’t do that. They may leave their furs all over the place, on your clothes, blankets and all over your carpet, but at least you know they did not pass or vomit a ball of hair which can be an unusual and not to mention a pretty sight.

Dogs are better than cats because they won’t make you scratch through a sand toilet. With cats, you’ll need to do excavation on their cat litters twice a day which has urine soaked sand just to make sure their cat litter is clean and your house won’t smell bad. As for dogs, you only need to walk them on a daily basis at the same time while keeping your cleaning paraphernalia in handy. Plus, you get your daily dose of light exercise.

Dogs are better than cats because dogs get happy just by feeding them. Plus, they are willing to eat anything, even your scraps! Fruits, vegetables, bones and meat, you name it, they’ll most likely want to eat it! Cats, on the other hand, won’t care as much.

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