Dog Runs Into Burning Building Several Times To Save Her Puppies

She did not just save her puppies but consciously risked her life and knew exactly what she was doing.

Amanda did not randomly run into the burning building to look for her puppies. She was not clueless when she ran in or ran out with one puppy at a time. She could have been helpless inside the building. She may have been clueless once coming out. None of this happened.
Amanda ran into the burning building, brought one puppy out, kept the puppy at the footboard of the fire truck and then ran inside again, only to return with her second puppy whom she also placed on the footboard of the fire truck. She repeated this act two more times to get her two other puppies. Sadly, she could not save all her four pups. One died due to severe burns.
How Amanda knew that the fire truck is a safe space, how she figured that she could get her puppies out and how she managed to stay alive through the herculean effort is not something we can fathom.
You can read the full story this review is based on at Just mans best friend for life

Image Credit: Just mans best friend for life Image Source: 3milliondogs

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