Facebook Post Saves Puppy Left To Die In The Middle Of Nowhere In A Plastic Bag

It barely took half an hour after spotting the puppy in need, to bring the staggering case to a resolution. The rescue mission was successful and Marcia was informed. Finally the puppy was safe and in caring hands. This could not have been done without the great efforts of the community.

Image credit: Facebook/Marcia Lutz / Thedodo

The “rescue team” reported, that based on the conditions which in the puppy was found lead them to the conclusion that he possible has had been trapped inside the tied plastic bag for at least one day. Fortunately, the puppy was finally rescued and seemed to be healthy. Oliviera did not stop there, and within an hour she already found, once again by the help of the same group, a new loving owner for him.

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“I still see hope for a better world with your kind of attitude” – posted a comment one of the group members. The short time in which these actions took place was amazing. In case, you also would like to step up against animal cruelty, look for opportunities where you can assist to bring the next resolution for an animal in need. You can read the full story this review is based on here.
Main Image Credit: Image credit: Facebook/Marcia Lutz / Thedodo


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