You Will Be Looking For Your Dog To Hug…After Watching This

“Maddie” ad opens with a scene where a woman saying farewell to her elderly Golden Retriever in a veterinary facility.

The story unspools in reverse, taking us through scenes of the reliable dog staying by her side through every step of her life. Maddie is seen sitting on the sofa with her owner and is also seen very happy while going for a walk in the park. The ad portrays the bond between the girl and the dog very well by showing different stages in the girl’s life; when she celebrates her birthday, parts ways with her parents, Graduates College and moves into her first condo. It ends with a young lady, choosing the pup from a litter and naming her Maddie.

The dog is a Golden Retriever, the canines known for their tenderness and for being one of the best family dogs. They truly conveyed the message with this ad.

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