Pet Died After Flight Attendant Forced Family To Put Their 10-Month-Old French Bulldog In The Overhead Bin During a Three Hour Flight

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After removing the carrier when the family arrived in New York City, they were devastated to find that their 10-month-old French Bulldog died and had no chance of being resuscitated. To say the family was devasted, especially the little girl since Kokito was a birthday present from her parents.A woman named June Lara was on the same flight and saw everything that happened. She held Catalina’s baby for her while she and her daughter tried to get any reaction from Kokito. The poor French Bulldog was not moving, not responding when called, and was already dead. She posted the details on her Facebook account.

Imagine how heartless one can be to keep a dog that was inside a carrier in the first place to transfer his bag stating the carrier was sticking out and blocking the way? I’m lost for words for this inhuman act.

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United Airlines have the highest in-flight pet death rate in history. In 2017 alone, they had the most number of animals killed during a flight and is also their 3rd year in ranking as the airline who had that most number of animal deaths. Although some other airlines have a lesser number of pet deaths, it is noted that more animals are flying with UA but the statistics are still staggering.

The Humane Society of the United States already gave precautionary reminders to pet owner about the danger of flying pets, as some may not be able to handle the risks of flying. There are dog breeds that are more susceptible to these risks. Brachycephalic breeds, in particular, such as pugs and Bulldogs have short nasal passages making them more vulnerable to heat stroke and oxygen deprivation.

Kokito was only a 10-month-old bulldog who just started his life. He should have lived many years, not just 11 months. She should have had a childhood, which was no more because of heartless flight attendants. He should have made a family of his own perhaps and experienced how to be a good father. He should have been able to make her family happier in more years to come, but now he is gone.

To say the family was devastated and outraged was an understatement. They paid a hefty price of $125 just so they can be with their pet, but was robbed with the opportunity to not only enjoy the flight with them but also killed the 10-month-old French Bulldog in the process.

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