Pet Died After Flight Attendant Forced Family To Put Their 10-Month-Old French Bulldog In The Overhead Bin During a Three Hour Flight

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To make matters worse, the airlines have tried to bribe the family with the hopes of keeping quiet. What compensation can amount to a precious life? They released a statement saying they were deeply sorry for what happened, and are taking full responsibility. They are supposedly making a thorough investigation as to how the incident happened but did not say what they will to do to the attendants who was the cause of Kokito’s death.

Another thing to add to the already painful experience? The flight attendants claimed they didn’t know there was a dog in the carrier. Who in the right mind would believe that lie? I am sure that is a lie as for why would anyone bring a pet carrier inside an airplane without the pet inside? The mother and family insisted a dog was inside and I can only imagine how terrified the dog has been.

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He was in a carrier stuck in a dark cold overheard with no air source. He was barking until he can no longer breath and died an agonizing death. United Airlines seriously need to put their act together. How many will more animals suffer and die? How many more families will be left hurting and how many more kids and pet owners will be left traumatized? Because of irrational thinking, lack of compassion and obviously common sense, many tragedies have already happened. I seriously hope and wish no more pets will suffer the same faith that the 10-month-old French Bulldog experienced. Oh, and I hope the ignorant flight attendants be punished and banned from all aviation flights and be sentenced for animal abuse.

Watch the heartbreaking video below.

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