A Gentle White Dog Was At Risk Of Being Hit By Trains, That Was Until Some Came To Help

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Upon hearing the news, his rescuers were stunned, but they claim they do not want to judge the owner. They are only happy that they were able to save the dog and that he is now safe and away from any harm he might be in when he was at the station.

Today, Bobby is a happy and healthy nine-year-old dog. He is medium size, weights 18 kgs and is fully vaccinated. He is also microchipped and neutered. He lost sight in his left eye, the same side his rescuers found the scar. It indicated he might have been hit, which caused him to lose his sight. His right eye sees perfectly and it seems Bobby is thriving even if he only has an eye he can use.

It may not be clear as to why Bobby ran away from home, if he did try to find his way back, or if he really did do what his owner claimed, but all that matters is that he is now happy, well and safe. This precious dog in his senior years is a very gentle creature who deserves only the best family out there. He has the qualities of the perfect rescue dog – he is kind, obedient and loving. Even in his golden years, he is still active as ever and loves to run around. He stayed in Romania in Howl Of A Dog’s Care for about a few short months.

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Bobby arrived in his brand new foster home after travelling thousands of miles – 4600 miles to be exact. He now lives a happy life with his new family, the kind of life he deserves.

Bobby may now have a family who will love, care and support him, but many more dogs are out there that needs to be rescued, not only in poor countries, not only in Romania, in The US, but all over the world.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.