A Gentle White Dog Was At Risk Of Being Hit By Trains, That Was Until Some Came To Help

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Many more lonely pooches are left in the wild, with no food to eat, no clean water to drink, and no bed to sleep into.

Many dogs do have a place to stay, food and water but received no love and affection from their neglectful owners.

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Many dogs are abused and hurt by people who nothing else to do and no concern for them.

Many dogs are suffering in cages and have never experienced what it’s like to run outside of a four-walled room.

Many have never felt the sunlight caress their faces, never felt the wind blowing their fur while they run around aimlessly, never had the chance to have a good swim or be bathed in warm water, and never had the chance to play to their heart’s content.

Many dogs need our help, love and care. Many more dogs need to be rescued, and what can we do about that?

  • With the help of rescue groups and organizations, we can report dog abuse, neglect and the like and they’ll help as much as they can to rescue these poor dogs.
  • Support groups that aim to help and care for stray and rescue dogs, and help in any way we can. It does not matter what you can offer or how much you can donate, but what matters most is the act of love for these poor animals.
  • We as owners need to be responsible enough for taking care of our pooches. Shower them with our love and never stop being there for them.
  • Educate people, our families and most especially children that everyone deserves love and kindness, even animals. Treat every creature with kindness, and never hurt pets or any animal, for that matter. Only show love and compassion, because everyone deserves to be loved.
  • As for those who do not like dogs, please stop doing things that can harm, hurt or endanger these poor creatures. If you no longer want your dogs, make sure to find them a better home. Don’t just leave them out in the middle of nowhere, because they really deserve that.

If only all people would do all these things, then we will no longer have dogs who need to be rescued. How I long for that day to come. And I hope you do too.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.