Ground Scratching – Why Some Dogs Do It?

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Have you ever wondered why dogs kick the grass or the ground right after they pee or poop? It turns out there’s more to this behavior called ground scratching that meets the eye.

Ground scratching is the act dogs do mostly after emptying their bladders or bowels.

This phenomenon Some say the behavior stems from their instinct to cover up after the mess they made. While it could be annoying to watch and find your dogs fill your yards with holes, one must understand that it is a normal behavior.

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Much like other animals in the wild, foxes and wolves kick the ground after doing their business. This behavior is meant for sanitation purposes. They cover up their pee or poop out of instinct.

Another reason why your dog is scratching on the ground after peeing or pooing creates a visual for other canines who will pass by in the future. It leaves their scent and lets other dogs know that he was there before.

All canine have scent glands located in between their toes and just under their paws. When they scrape the ground, the action leaves their scent. 

This behavior also stems from the fact that dogs are territorial creatures. They mark their territory by peeing and leaving off their scent, letting other creatures know that piece of land is within their jurisdiction.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.