A Pet Chihuahua Was Rushed To The Vet After For The Most Unexpected Reason. Read It All Here

As curious creatures, pets and other animals are drawn to just about anything. However, what they don’t know is that these are not meant for them.

As pet owners, it is our job to make sure our pets are safe and whisked away from the dangers such as this.

A pet Chihuahua’s Story on how he got high

A seemingly innocent pet Chihuahua was taken to a local university vet medical school after ingesting cookies that are not meant for him. The dog found the stash of baked confections laced with Marijuana a duffel bag and devoured one cookie. The owner said it was a friend who came stayed for the night.

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He was taken to the vet hospital after his owner saw his pet was unable to stand, was paranoid and is becoming jittery. The owner was concerned as the cookies also contained chocolates, aside from the fact that his pet was stoned.

The vets seemed not to be surprised about the Chihuahua’s case. They have treated other dogs with the same case before.  The dog was induced to vomit to try and remove what’s left of the cookie and gave him activated charcoal to help absorb the toxins that remained inside the dog’s body.

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